Deconstructive Testing
CEL conducts a variety of deconstructive tests usually perfomed on existing buildings in order to understand the building's structural properties without having to destroy any of its structural members. The testing methods are considered a much more economical way of obtaining the structural characteristics and without causing harm to the existing structure. A few examples of deconstructive testing services provided by CEL are as follows:
Site investigation of concrete strength through non-destructive and semi-destructive testing using Schmidt Hammer apparatus and coring.
Crack width determination using measuring magnifier. Crack movement and propagation are identified using Demiec gauges. Detection of honeycombing using ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements.
Identification of cement content, sulphate content, chloride content... etc. Determination of concrete carbonation and steel corrosion by half cell apparatus.
Location of reinforcing bars and concrete cover by the use of steel bar detectors.
Schmidt Hammer
Thermocouple Test
Steel Rebars detector