Founded in June 1984,  

CEL is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm that is renowned for its material testing laboratories. CEL specializes in providing properties of materials, concrete mixes and design, soil mechanics and foundation design, as well as asphalt and road tests. It is also known for executing Quality Control QC and Quality Assurance QA projects during construction as well as providing Environmental Impact Assessments EIA. CEL has also delivered multiple projects involving complete supervision of civil, mechanical and electrical works. It was also involved in a variety of structural design and structural analysis projects and is a member of the Third Party Insurance Pool (مجمعة عشرية).  The engineering firm also provides full construction management services.


The company also works as an independent quality control lab as well as carrying out complete dilapidation survey works and geotechnical design. The laboratories are equipped with the latest technical equipment and apparatuses in order to undertake all the tests and experiments needed for ongoing construction projects or ones on existing buildings. The staff on board is comprised of highly trained engineers with many years of experience in the field along with experienced technicians who are capable of performing the required tests at the highest standards.  


CEL has engaged in contracting jobs by providing Design-Build services in small-scale projects. The firm also contains an architectural department that can tailor all clients’ needs by performing complete architectural and environmental design.


CEL has a reputation of delivering top quality engineering technical information and supervision and has been doing so for over 30 years. It has completed many projects with both local and foreign companies in Egypt in various sectors.      

CEL is the first private sector consulting engineering firm to obtain the ISO 17025 Accreditation by the International Code Council ICC
  CEL Certifications