Environmental Projects

CEL provides engineering services for all types of projects pertaining to the environment. The projects involve the technical information needed to utilize sustainable methods of renewable energy as well as innovative green alternative methods of construction. CEL provides all the design services for alternative methods of construction such as 3D sandwich panel technology. Our services also include thermal calculations for buildings as well as studying construction systems with regards to their LEED or Green Pyramid credentials.  The services also involve environmental studies such as Environmental Impact Assessment EIA.


Enivronemental Impact Assessement (EIA):

To ensure that the environmental considerations are explicitly addressed and incorporated into the development decision making process

To anticipate and avoid, minimize or offset the adverse significant biophysical, social and other relevant effects of development proposals

To protect the productivity and capacity of natural systems and the ecological process which maintain their functions

To promote development that is sustainable and optimizes resource use and managment opportunities

3d Panel Design and Supervision
3D Panel Cross-section